Squadron Scrapbook 6
California & Oregon - Summer 1978

During the Summer of 1978, a group of Squadron 3 Explorers planned a trip to circumnavigate California.  The trip was financed by the scouts and supplemented by donations from the N.H. Optimist Club and FBOs that donated fuel and oil on route.  The trip was planned by Squadron 3 Explorers Lee Maxson, Tom Biley and Josh Lober, each a licensed Private Pilot.
Squadron Advisors David Moye and Bill Bratley as well as a few younger Squadron members also traveled.  Three planes were used, N1942S, Lee Maxson's Piper Cherokee and Bill Bratly's Bellanca Viking.
Route of flight was:
       Leg 1: Van Nuys to Oceano for a brief fuel stop and lunch on the Pismo Dunes.
       Leg 2: Oceano to Cloverdale where we camped overnight camping on the Russian River.
       Leg 3: Cloverdale to Klammath Falls for an overnight stay at the Klammath Falls AFB.
       Leg 4: Klammath Falls to Red Bluff for a fuel and lunch stop.
       Leg 5: Red Bluff to Placerville where we camped overnight at the Airport.
       Leg 6: Placerville to Van Nuys.

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