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Vicky Corbett (Kocsis) 
Dowagiac MI
Saturday, 6. November 2004 04:53 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello to all my long lost friend's!
Josh, I can't thank you enough for your phone call. I am so thrilled.

I had to suddenly move to Chicago with my father and never had the chance to say goodbye to my great friends in the squad. I was part of the club in the early 80's, and memories are still fresh. In 1982 I started a flight training school in West Chicago IL. and for the next few years I devoted myself to flying. My Father moved to Utah and I stayed in IL to continue flying. Well, the money ran out quickly, so I began driving Semi's with a goal of starting a Ground/Air freight company. I continued flying and now have my CFII, but trucking took over. I did start a Trucking company and was very successful with Ground Freight. Unfortunately, flying was pushed aside and now I am 10 years behind on flying.

I have 2 children, a son that is 9 yrs old and a Daughter that is 7. My sonís first word was "Aplane" (Airplane). So I have a new goal to get recurrent and teach my son to fly. I grew up flying a PA28-180, which was my fatherís airplane. It was sold approx 8 yrs ago, I have done the research and have located the airplane, and I am in the process of purchasing it back. It has taken a few years to get back to my first love.

Thank You, Ralph you really inspired me.
Josh, keep up the good work, see you in March!
Cathi, We have to catch up. I will get a hold of you!
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