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Steve Schlein 
Venice beach, California
Tuesday, 19. October 2004 23:20 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail


I want to express my deep appreciation for the remarkable job Josh Lober has done in researching the history of this Air Scouts squadron and bringing together the people who share this special experience.

Unlike many of you who "signed" the guestbook, I never soloed. I was in the squadron in 1955, when I was 15 years old, and I went as far as I could!

Fifteen years later, when I had a slightly better understanding of my relationship to a flying machine, a pilot friend taught me to fly. Finally!!

Perhaps some of you will remember a chance we had to fly in a T-33. Our names went into a hat and my name was pulled out of it. This was a dream come true. However, my parents' plan to drive across the country had priority and we were on the road when the T-33 flight was to have taken place. You can imagine how upset I was. As it turned out, though, the flight was cancelled and my great disappointment turned to relief.

I still look up in the sky when I hear the sound of an airplane. I've been for a ride in the back seat of a P-51, took one parachute jump, and flew in an open-cockpit 1927 Travelair biplane earlier this year. That was a lovely experience.

Again, my hat is off to Josh Lober. I am grateful that he found me!

Steve Schlein
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