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Josh Lober 
San Luis Obispo, CA
Friday, 30. July 2004 17:58 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Steve & Josh Lober at the Mammoth Lakes Airport during a 2003 fly-fishing trip.
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Welcome to the Squadron 3 website.

In July 2004, I began working on a project to build a website for Kitty Hawk Squadron 3. The purpose of the site is four fold:

1. Raise presence of the organization and promote membership.

2. Archive photos and articles for current and former Squadron members.

3. Raise funds for the Squadron.

4. Enable old friends to find each other.

Like so many others, my brother Steve and I began our aviation training as teenagers in Squadron 3. While I did not make aviation my career, I remain an active pilot with a Commercial SEL/MEL License and Instrument Rating. Steve on the other hand is an MD-11 Captain for FedEx.

Squadron 3 was founded December 17 (Kitty Hawk Day) 1951 by Homer Hess, Fred Maw and Max Mahan. In 1955 Ralph Truglio joined the Squadron as a flight and ground school instructor. To this day, Ralph continues to provide flight and ground instruction. Bill Bratly is the current Squadron Advisor, a post he has held since the mid 1970s. Of course, if it were not for the generosity of the Optimist Club of North Hollywood who has provided the Squadron with numerous aircraft over the years, none of this would be possible.

There are many gaps in the photo archive. If you have old photos or slides, please let me know so we can add them to the collection. If you can put a name to anyone listed as ‘unknown’, be sure to let me know.

This project has given me an opportunity to connect with a few former members, including Jim Upton (the first Squadron member to get his license), Darr Conradson and David Moye. I hope to be in contact with many more soon. Ralph Truglio has been extremely helpful, providing most of the content that is currently posted. A majority of the photos in Ralph’s archive were taken by former Squadron Advisor Max Mahan. Soon, old Squadron rosters will be posted on the site, and hopefully we will be able to provide current contact information for a majority of the former members.

Fall 2004, a feature length documentary on the 75th anniversary of the Van Nuys Airport will be released. I’m pleased to announce that the film’s Producer/Director Brian Terwilliger will be including a segment on Ralph Truglio and Squadron 3. The segment will include interviews with Ralph, some current Squadron members, an old Squadron member (me) and includes some air-to air footage with Ralph and new Squadron 3 instructor Mark Young at the controls of the Squadron’s Cessna 172. I’ve seen the trailer for the film (which was shot in High Definition) and it is going to be great! There is more information available at and I’ll keep you posted on the film’s release.



Josh Lober - Squadron 3 member 1975 - 1978
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