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Chuck Gifford 
Irvine, CA
Friday, 24. September 2004 06:40 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

What a suprise to hear from Josh. It has been great looking at the old photos. I joined Squadron 3 soon after seeing a picture of the charter signing in the newspaper. I was active from 1952 to 1957. My first airplane flight was my first lesson with Fred Maw in his Ercope. I did not get my license while in the Squadron, but was able to obtain my private pilot certificate shortly after graduating from college in 1963.

After obtaining an advanced degree from San Jose State which included my A&P certificate I spent the next 37 years teaching aviation at the Community College level. I officially retired in May of 2003, but I still teach a Private Pilot ground school at the college.

I spend most of my flying time currently as a Commercial Glider pilot and Glider Flight Instructor.

I have not kept any close contact with former Squadron 3 members, however I did visit with Norm Neuls and Jerry Detwiler sometime in the late 70's.

My home phone is 949-551-3216.
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