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Don Hagopian 
Van Nuys
Sunday, 12. September 2004 05:51 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I joined Squadron 3 in 1965(to 1971). Started Feb.1965 trained in N5668E the Cessna 150. June22, 1968 passed my Private Pilot Check Ride. August 17th to19th, 1968 Mike Mantell and I flew the Cessna 150 from Loveland field, Colorado thru New Mexico, Arizona, back to California to Whiteman Airport and Van Nuys Airport. This was one of the most exciting trips I had gone on. June 26,1969 I got a check ride with Ralph Truglio in the squadron's Cessna 172 N1942S. 1970 I Graduated from Glendale College in the Aerospace Technology Program. I started a photography business in Studio City and aerial photography is one of the things I offer. Today, I still fly out of Whiteman Airport where my Cessna 182 is hangared. I am currently the President of the Whiteman Airport Association. I would Iike to thank the dedicated people that give their time to helped us to learn how to fly and special thanks to Ralph Truglio for instructing us and the Optimist Club of NoHo for sponsoring us.
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